“Create an easy-to-use, low cost Medical Devices” “Provide low cost and accessible remote medicarefacility ” Through Cloud – Wireless (Mobile) – Flex and Scale Make Medicare accessible remotelyMake Remote Monitoring easy and affordable


Bring patient monitoring to the 21st Century IoT device with BT connectivity. Cloud-based low cost PaaS solution Providing live update of Patient vital information Providing support for giving Quick Medicare in Remote locations

Patient Monitoring system


Patient vital signs from the sensors are transmitted to a primary device wirelessly. The primary device transfers the vital signs in their entirety to a remote server for storage and automated analysis. The vital signs and the automated analysis records including physiological indices and clinical business intelligence can be accessed securely by Doctors in Multiple ways.


Industrial Design

Monitoring System

Industry’s First Cloud based Multi-parameter Analysis Engine

How ECG device can be used?

For Continuous monitoring (one day, 7 days, 30 days, 6 months (non Invasive))

  • Patient can be plugged with Talisman and stay in normal Room instead of ICU
  • Data from monitors is integrated with a single system which operator can monitor from a single
  • Device can be used for Home monitoring, Patient can be sent home with the device and can be monitored live through Cloud platform.
  • Device provide Options for home/step down(6 lead (8 channel), 4 (6 channel) lead Monitoring)/remote monitoring
  • Device Can be used in Ambulance for immediate ECG data capture and review by Doctor
  • Device can be used for Remote patient in villages with immediate review of Qualified doctor

As Point-of-Care

  • Can be directly used by doctor to see ECG instead of sending patient to Pathology lab
  • Doctor can also generate report in mobile
  • Doctor can also send data to the Cloud for expert review in no time

Key Advantages and Selling Points

  • No Competitor in this class
  • One of a kind device with multi Parameter Analysis
    • ECG, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Accelerometer Data, Pacer Detection
  • Can be used by Each doctor (physician/Cardiologist) for first hand detection
    • This will reduce the time of going to Pathology lab for ECG report
    • ECG can be done just like measuring Blood pressure in the Doctor clinic
    • Monitoring ECG is plug and play scenario with our device
  • Can be used in remote areas and take the advice from expert Doctor s
  • Can be used in Ambulances and ECG data will be available to Doctor immediately via 2G/3G connection.

Key Features of Device

  • Talisman provides 8 Channel ECG display on Android Mobiles (Lead 1, 2, 3, AVR, AVL, AVF, C1, C2
  • Talisman provides the information on Respiration Rate
  • Talisman provides the information on Heart Beat Rate
  • Talisman provides the information on Accelerometer data (Movement/Acitivity)
  • Talisman provides the information on Pacer detection
  • From Talisman All the data is sent to Mobile through BT 4.0 interface for Display /Processing /Upload to cloud
  • Talisman has an Event Marker Button to send the information to Doctor through Cloud Platform
  • Talisman provide Option of selection of Symptoms on Mobile App when Marking Event
  • Talisman has a Downloadable App for Android Phones to see all the Information coming from ECG device
  • Talisman support Full data transfer to Doctor through Cloud Platform
  • Full Arrhythmia Analysis at cloud Platform
  • Talisman has one day (24 hrs) Battery Backup and fully free from Direct Mains connection.
  • Talisman provides Extra battery and Charger for offline charging
  • Talisman is a Plug and play device for ECG data collection with no settings to be done by Operator
  • Talisman provides LED indication for powering on of device and BT transfer confirmation.
  • Talisman Weighs < 100 gm is a wearable device. It can be worn in Neck with the help of Neck Band (Lanyard)
  • Talisman is water resistant and meeting IPx4 standard
  • Talisman conforms to all Medical device standards.
  • Talisman provide Firmware of the air upgrade feature directly from Cloud through Android App.

Key Features of Cloud Platform

  • Provide Web interface to Register Patients
  • Provide Web interface to Register Devices and assign them to Patients
  • Provide Web Interface to Monitor the Device status and ECG and other vital data upload status
  • Provides interface to generate the Reports
  • Cloud support the ECG data Analysis Algorithm to detect Arrhythmia conditions and generate alerts and Daily reports
  • Provide interface for Nurse or Doctors to review the Full/Partial ECG data
  • Provide interface for Full tracking of Devices/Patients status
  • Provide interface for allowing only authentic doctors to login and provide the analysis for the patients.
  • Data of Patients is fully secure and complies to HIPPA requirement in Cloud
  • Cloud architecture support 100% reliability, Scalability and f lexibility.

Sales and Revenue Projections

  • There is a potential of Selling 100K devices along with Android Smart phones over a period of 2-3 years
  • Potential Buyers are
    • Hospitals (20-50 devices)
    • Individual Physicians/Cardiologist in Cities and Villages
    • Pathology Labs for Holter Monitoring Service
    • Healthcare centers in remote Villages and townships
  • There is potential of earning additional revenue by Provide cloud platform as services on monthly use basis
  • The Price of Device can be reduced at a later state drastically once the development and R&D cost is recovered

Key Features of Cloud Platform

  • The Prototypes and Ready and Tested
  • Ready to start Certification process
  • Trial with Doctors and Patients is in progress
  • The cloud Platform is completely Ready for trials

Future Plans

  • Will be doing the variants for this device that have specific applications
  • Will be developing Devices for Diabetes monitoring
  • Will be providing a integrated cloud platform for complete patient monitoring in different biological areas

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